Dave and the Paleo diet

September 27, 2012 § 3 Comments

After Dave not-so-mysteriously gained a bunch of weight, thanks to EATING TOO MUCH FOOD, I suggested in my subtle way that he should consider going on a diet.

Libby:  I’m putting you on a diet.

Dave:  I’m air-popped.  I haven’t gained that much.

Libby:  You are not air-popped.

Dave:  I’m not giving up cheese and crackers.  Or bacon.

Libby:  Eat low carb then, or go back on the Paleo Diet and eat like a caveman.  You kind of look like a caveman anyway.

So, we’re on the low carb, sort of Paleo Diet these days.  Dave’s not eating white rice, white potatoes, or bread.  If we have pasta, which is rare, then it’s gluten-free pasta, which tends to be lower in carbohydrates.  Dave also gave up his cheese and crackers, and now eats meat and cheese with apples as a snack.  For lunch on the weekends, I’ll make us little snack plates, with fresh vegetables, cheese, and a little meat.

For dinner, we might have something grilled, like chicken or a steak (which isn’t that often that we’ll eat an entire steak), with some grilled vegetables or a quinoa pilaf (just cooked quinoa with steamed or grilled vegetables).

He’s been watching his intake for a couple of weeks now, and he seems a little slimmer.


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