Sophie, killed by a coyote

October 3, 2012 § 10 Comments

You read yesterday that we are building a fence.  The reason for this fence is to protect our animals from predators.  Last week, our little cat Sophie disappeared.    We’re fairly certain that she was killed by a coyote.  We have many predators here at the farm…from coyotes, to hawks, to owls…they’re all looking for something to attack and eat.   If we have a secure fence, then our animals will be safer at night.

While the other animals always seemed a little more savvy, Sophie was mostly oblivious to the predators, lounging around in the middle of the pasture while one of the big hawks circled overhead, or running through the yard at night, when coyotes were out.  Dave and I tried making her an indoor cat, but she wasn’t interested.  Sometimes, if we were lucky, we could trick her and make her stay indoors overnight.  Mostly though, Sophie was an outside cat.

We searched for her in the barn and garage, walked through the pastures, calling her, and finally decided that she really was gone.  While we’re still hopeful that maybe Sophie just decided to live somewhere else for awhile, realistically we know that she has probably been killed by a coyote.

Predators are a part of life here on the farm.  We understand that they live here, too, but are saddened when they kill our pets.  Dave and I have been talking about how we could have forced the cat to live indoors, but she really wasn’t that kind of cat.  Sophie hated being inside, and to force her to live in such a way would have ruined her quality of life.  The best we could do was keep her vaccinated and wormed, and give her food and cuddling.

Poor Sophie.


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