Coffee at sunrise

October 17, 2012 § 3 Comments

In the mornings, I let the dogs outside, and then sit on the porch swing and watch the sunrise while I drink my coffee.  Usually our little cat Pixel joins me, sitting next to me and kneading her paws on my leg.  This morning, I thought you might like to see some of the pictures I’ve been taking lately.

Today’s sunrise wasn’t that fabulous, but yesterday’s colors were brilliant.

Here’s a picture from today’s sunrise…the colors aren’t as brilliant as yesterday, but it’s still a nice shot.  That bright star is Venus.  Many thanks to my blogging friend Viveka over at My Guilty Pleasures.  A chef, photographer, and world traveller, she’s always willing to listen to my questions, and give me helpful advice.   She’s been helping me to understand composition in photography, and I’ve had a fun time experimenting with my camera as a result.  My friend Olga has given me some lessons as well, helping me to understand the technical aspects of the camera.


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§ 3 Responses to Coffee at sunrise

  • viveka says:

    Libby, what a great start … thanks for the stunning compliment – only a happy amateur.
    Are you sure is Venus so it isn’t the Northern Star ???? !!!! That is the strongest star on our night sky on this side of the equator. The pick of the bunch must be the the top one. When you take photos when it’s dark do you have to increase the ISO to about 600-800 and be very steady on your hand – use something to support the camera and your arms, so each to shake because the shutter is slower and take longer time – if you camera has a night mode – put it on that and use Auto. Use night/evening mode or high ISO (speed) when you take photo of running water or fountains too. And just click and click and click and click ..

    • Libby says:

      Pretty sure it is Venus (I checked before posting the blog). I agree that the first picture is probably the best one. I’ll try your advice for the iso settings. This morning I took about a hundred pictures practicing, adjusting the settings, and then looking to see the results…such a difference!

      • viveka says:

        You have got a new hobby now … great one to. Just the right thing to do – play and click .. change settings. There is also loads of videos on YouTube you can get advice from.

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