Week in review: 11/2/2012

November 2, 2012 § 6 Comments

Doodle accompanied us to feed the fish at the duckpond on Sunday.  Doodle adores Dave, as you can see from this Instagram picture.  I like the way Doodle looks into Dave’s face.  That dog never does this to me.  I’m not Doodle’s favorite, although he does appreciate the food I feed him, and the weekly brushings he gets from me.  I think it’s interesting how dogs have their own favorite person.  BTW…I’m Otis’s favorite person.  Dave gets Doodle, and I get Otis.  Lucky me (for real).  Addie doesn’t have a favorite person…she’s a well-mannered dog, but I have no doubt that she’d be the first to eat us if something bad happened.

This week, I worked from home a few days, finishing up the literature review for my dissertation.  What a relief to get that big cumbersome thing out the door.   Being home for several days, I was able to witness all sorts of excitement, such as Otis napping on his bed underneath the bedroom window.  Yep, this is what we do for entertainment around here.

Check out that big nose.  The black part of his nose is just a little smaller than a TENNIS BALL.  Sometimes we call Otis the baby elephant.

We made mini pizzas one night for dinner.  These were ho-hum, nothing special.  Sometimes that’s what happens.  I think they needed some fresh basil.  Too bad there’s none of that left in the garden.

We made popovers, and then felt compelled to eat them with EVERY SINGLE MEAL.  We have three left, and Otis will probably get those this morning.  Oh, they were delicious,  but geez…how many popovers can two people eat?  Popovers don’t freeze well, otherwise I would have tossed them into the freezer for next week.  We had popovers filled with scrambled eggs for breakfast, popovers with chili, popovers with sausage soup, popovers filled with broccoli beef stew, and popovers with chicken cutlet (picture below)…not to mention the popovers we ate plain with butter as a snack.

Dave and I are all popover’ed out.

Lastly, we observed quite a lot of activity around the duckpond this week.  We watched a juvenile red-tailed hawk take a bath on the waterside (we took pictures of that, and are planning to post them to our Grit blog, which we’ll be sure to share with you).  We also witnessed an amusing birdfight between a Great Blue Heron and a white egret.  Evidently the egret was intruding in the heron’s fishing territory.  And, I observed this interesting scene…

That white egret sitting on the canoe sat there for two solid hours.  For awhile, he worried the dogs, who’d never seen a bird sitting there before.  The dogs spent 15 minutes growling and challenging the bird from their stance in the living room window, eventually deciding that the egret wasn’t worth their while.  Meanwhile I went to the store, and returned half an hour later, and the darned bird was still there.  For awhile, I thought he had actually died out there.  Eventutally though, he just flew off.  Maybe he was just taking a nap.


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