Hungry Doodle

November 6, 2012 § 9 Comments

On Sunday at lunchtime, I was eating my lunch at the table, when I happened to look over and notice this:

We don’t feed the dogs at the table, but that doesn’t seem to stop them from keeping an eye on us while we eat.  Of the three dogs, Doodle is the worst about this.  At mealtime, he drifts closer and closer, until he just “happens” to find himself sitting right next to the table, with his mouth conveniently right there, ready for something to just fall in.

Usually when Doodle gets this close, we tell him to move away.  This time I just decided to take a picture instead.

I love the way Doodle looks in the fall, when his fur is starting to grow back in from the summertime haircuts.  By the end of winter, his hair will be so long, you won’t be able to see his eyes.


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