Eggplant…for Aliens

November 8, 2012 § 3 Comments

Our friend Cheryl gifted us with this beautiful eggplant:

I initially thought about making it into eggplant Parmesan, but in the end decided on a simple panko breadcrumb covering, which I’ll share with you later.

Who knew that Dave didn’t like eggplant?  I thought it would be delicious, and it was.  For me.  For Dave….not so much.

Dave (picking up eggplant and smelling it):  What is this?  It looks like some sort of alien thing.

Libby:  Eggplant, with a light dusting of panko breadcrumbs.

Dave:  I’m not eating it.

Libby:  What do you mean, you’re not eating it?

Dave:  I mean that eggplant it not a normal food, and I am not eating it.

Libby:  Just taste it.

20 minutes later.

Libby:  Hey, your plate is empty!  The eggplant was good, wasn’t it?

Dave:   Yep.  Addie really liked it.

Libby:  You gave it to the dog?  You fed eggplant to the dog?  Did you even TASTE it?

Dave:  No, I did not taste it.  Eggplant is not designed for human consumption.  I didn’t taste it because it is NOT A FOOD.

You know what really irritates me?  The eggplant was really good.  And he gave it to the DOG, who just gulped it down.  This is a dog who thinks CAT POOP tastes great, and Dave gave her eggplant.


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