Week in review: 11/23/2012

November 23, 2012 § 9 Comments

My uncle is still in the hospital.  We thought they were going to release him in time for Thanksgiving, but he had to stay for more tests.  He <might> be out by next Tuesday, but we’ll see.  Meanwhile, Dave’s busy in Texas, building the fence around our side patio off the Master bedroom.  He has only the dogs to help (and you can imagine how that’s going).  This picture makes it look as if the fence is right on top of the wellhouse, but it is actually about 8 feet away.  The entire fenced in area will be bigger than many backyards when it is finished.  It’s quite a large area, and will be perfect for our dogs.

We’ve been worried about predators, and with this fence, we will be able to let the dogs outside at night without supervision.  We have no desire to lose any more animals to coyotes.

Our cat Chief was injured on Tuesday, and Dave had to take him to the vet.  We thought he would lose his eye, but it appears that he’s going to be fine.  Dave says he’s not sure how the injury occured, but we both think that Chief somehow managed to sneak outside and get into a catfight.

In Australia, I’ve been trying to keep my aunt fed and happy, while she deals with my uncle in the hospital.  Here are some stuffed mushrooms that I made one day this week.  I’ll post the recipe for you in the next day or so.  They were so big, one mushroom made a meal.

They were easy to make.  I put shrimp in my aunt’s mushroom, which she said was delicious.

Last night we had salmon croquettes, which were also fabulous:

Easy salmon croquettes

2 eggs

4 saltine cracker squares, crumbled

1/4 teaspoon Herbs de Provence

pinch red pepper flakes

2 tablespoons minced onion

2 tablespoons minced parsley

1 can salmon, drained and bones removed ( I used a 12-ounce can, but use what you have)


1 lemon, cut into 4 wedges

Beat the eggs in a large bowl.  Add the crumbled saltines, and set aside for 10 minutes.  Add the Herbs de Provence, pepper flakes, minced onion, parsley, and the salmon.  Stir together lightly.  Form into 3-4 patties.  Mixture will be very loose.  Pour oil into a large frying pan – enough to coat the bottom of the pan.  Heat to medium high.  Gently place the salmon patties into the oil; you may need to hold them together with a fork.  Cook for 3-4 minutes, and then turn.  Cook another 2 minutes.  Drain on paper towel, and serve with the lemon.  Serves 3-4.


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§ 9 Responses to Week in review: 11/23/2012

  • viveka says:

    Look at those photos – you’re doing so well with the close ups – great shots and I love that salmon cake recipe – something I will do, don’t have a clue when .. have that dessert first to try out.
    Glad they kept your uncle at the hospital, if things aren’t completely to 100% and he are in good hands, even if he want to go home.

    Glad to read that Otis eye – will be okay – tough on the animals when they are not okay.
    Dave keeps himself busy – I would love to have a man that can just carry on … even if I wasn’t home and checking out on him. That’s probably why he do so well *laughing. You’re not there interfering.

    • Libby says:

      It sure will be nice to get my uncle home, but we agree with you…he needs to stay there until he is well. Dave is very productive when I am at home or not at home…he’s always so busy.

      • viveka says:

        Libby, you know that I was only joking – in every post David are always doing something and … I think the cats keep an eye on him.
        Also good for your aunt to not have to worry over him when he home and not totally okay.
        There is a meaning with everything.

      • Libby says:

        I knew you were joking!

        Thank goodness he has some supervision there with the animals keeping an eye on him, or he’d be working himself to death 🙂

      • viveka says:

        I think you’re right – but I also think when you really love what you’re doing .. the danger is less. He must have a heart as an oxe and body too.

      • Libby says:

        I’m laughing, you know! I’m going to tell him you said ths, because it will make him feel so good.

  • df says:

    Isn’t it comforting that we always have good food to turn to, even when things are hard? Your aunt must be so grateful to have you there Libby.

    The fence is looking fantastic!

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