Home again, home again jiggety jig

December 20, 2012 § 13 Comments

I just returned from Australia, and was greeted by poor sick Dave who met me at the airport.  He caught a cold last week, which turned into a chest infection.  He’s on antibiotics, and is feeling miserable.

Meanwhile, back at the farmhouse, I noted an enormous hole in the kitchen where our dishwasher used to be.  Dave had an idea to install a new dishwasher while I was out of town.  Unfortunately, the new dishwasher broke one day after being installed, and had to be returned.  Dave was too sick to go to the store to pick up a replacement dishwasher, thus the hole.  Meanwhile, the pipes under the kitchen sink are now leaking (probably as a result of all the tweaking Dave did while installing and then removing the new dishwasher), so we have to wash the dishes in the mudroom until we make the repairs.  In an unrelated event, I discovered that the kitchen pantry was full of water, which was isolated to a defective water jug that decided to burst open while Dave was picking me up at the airport.

Just as I finished cleaning up the spilled water in the pantry, our cat Chief appeared in the kitchen, presenting us with a huge gaping hole in his side.  Evidently, he escaped while I was in Australia, and managed to get into a fight with another cat.  At the time, Dave said Chief appeared to be fine, and he didn’t realize that there was a wound just below the skin.  This caused an abscess which burst upon my arrival, leading to an emergency trip to the vet.

Chief wounded

So, that’s what my first day back was like…all sorts of drama and excitement.  Oh, and also…?  Dave did the laundry while I was gone.  He then left it in laundry baskets throughout the house, which made it very easy for him to select what he wanted to wear…just imagine how convenient it is to have say, socks in the dining room, underwear in the bathroom, and shirts and pants in the hall.

After missing two connections because I was detained in Customs for bringing in two boxes of Anzac biscuits for my cousin Lars, I was in NO MOOD for laundry shenanigans, broken water pipes, dishwashers missing in action, and wounded cats.

Libby:  What happened here?  It looks like the house EXPLODED.

Dave:  I’m sick…I can’t deal with this now.

Libby:  You’re sick, so you had to leave laundry all over the house?

Dave:  Look, I vacuumed.  See how clean the floors are?

Libby:  I can’t SEE the floors.  They’re covered with baskets of laundry.  And water, from the broken pipe.

Dave:  I’m going to fix that.


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