Week in review: 12/21/2012

December 21, 2012 § 4 Comments

The best news is that my uncle got out of the hospital, and is doing well.  I also flew back from Australia…long flight (as usual), and the usual hassles (was detained in Customs because of two boxes of cookies).  In all though, my travels back were fine.

The second best news this week is that I received word that I passed my comprehensive assessment for my doctoral program.  I’d been sweating this, wondering if I would pass.  Now that it is finished, I can continue to move forward with the rest of my dissertation.

Here are a couple of shots from the week:

1) Reflections of the jacuzzi pool.  That pool has saved us from the heat.  Back in Australia, my aunt and I spent an hour in this pool every night, laughing so hard sometimes our bellies hurt.  My uncle usually just sits in a chair next to the pool, and shakes his head at us (I suspect he secretly enjoys our shenanigans).  Back in Texas, I certainly miss my aunt and uncle, and this pool.


2) This little pug visited us.  His name, aptly, is Pugsley, and he gave my uncle great pleasure on a day when he was feeling very poorly.


3)  Meanwhile, back in Texas, a new dishwasher arrived.

New dishwasher

And Dave and I installed it.  I was the assistant, handing over tools as needed.

New dishwasher 2

We also repaired the leak that mysteriously appeared when Dave removed the old dishwasher, so now we’re back to the status quo, except now we have two different finishes in our kitchen:  a white refrigerator, white stove, and a stainless steel dishwasher.  Eventually, as we remodel the kitchen, everything will be switched out to stainless.

4)  Chief was wounded.  So what else is new?  This cat gets wounded every week.

Chief wounded

The vet loves us.  I told Dave that from now on Chief is NOT ALLOWED to go outside at all.  Of course I said that, and then Chief ran outside when the appliance delivery man was bringing in our new dishwasher.  I had to run outside and pull the cat out of the rosebushes, and then haul him inside, scratching and clawing.

5)  I made chicken enchiladas for dinner tonight.  Yes, they were delicious.

Chicken enchiladas


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