Beautiful (stinky) narcissus

February 7, 2013 § 3 Comments

We’ve been at the farmhouse for well over a year, but it’s only recently that I really noticed the narcissus.

GPP 02_07_2013b

Who knew that something so beautiful could be so STINKY?  I guess Dave’s mom planted these flowers for their beauty, because it certainly wasn’t for their “delightful” scent.  When they came up last week, I thought how beautiful they’d be in the kitchen, the dining room, the bedroom.  Oh, what a big mistake.  They are the smelliest flowers EVER.


So, now they remain…in the yard, as landscaping foliage.  If you have these beautiful (but smelly) flowers growing in your own garden, RESIST the temptation to put their cuttings inside.  They smell only slightly less worse than the corpse flower.


We have hundreds (maybe thousands?) of these.  Their smell is so strong that when I pull into the driveway at night, I kind of hold my breathe as I rush into the house.


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§ 3 Responses to Beautiful (stinky) narcissus

  • viveka says:

    Never heard that one before that narcissus smells stinky – are they blooming outside now??? It’s not spring yet or ??? Wonderful shots you got here with the rain drops on. My favorite is the middle one.

    • Libby says:

      Thanks Viveka. Your comments concerning my photos are always so helpful. I’ve really been working on my photography skills. Yes, spring is here. There are occasional cold days, but it is definitely getting warmer, and we have lots of rain which is helping the spring plants to bloom.

      • viveka says:

        Wow …. we are – at least 8-10 weeks away to Spring and 3,5 moths to new Swan chicks. Seams very long .. got some more snow today all over the country.
        You really have got into it with your camera and it’s just to take photos and more photos … I had my camera for 5 years and only a couple of weeks ago I found out how I can take really good marco shots. I never read manuals neither.

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