Week in review: 2/8/2013

February 8, 2013 § 7 Comments

We replaced the hardware on our front door.


This turned out to be a bigger project than we estimated.  Dave figured that this would take approximately 15 minutes.  In the end it took 4 hours…mostly because the farmhouse is old, and very little was built according to a standard.  So the new hardware we purchased didn’t fit the door, and we had to make modifications to our door to allow the hardware to fit.

While Dave and I were working on the door, we had to lock Chief, the DIY cat up in the back part of the house so he wouldn’t escape.  Deprived of his litterbox for 4 hours, he pooped on the floor, and then Otis ate it.  Yes, disgusting.


I made a new pillow, and the cat loved it.  The new pillow was so comfy and soft, and it looked terrific on the couch.


The pillow lasted exactly one day before Addie ate it.


I made another batch of bacon and egg pies for breakfast.   

So, that was our week.  How was yours?







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§ 7 Responses to Week in review: 2/8/2013

  • viveka says:

    My week was filled with egg bacon pie too – post about your recipes today. Like the photo of the pillow not exciting anymore photo.

  • K Mo says:

    Your life would be so boring without your furry friends. At least Doodle managed to keep a low profile this week.

  • PetKid says:

    Hi Libby. My mum helped me to set up my own account on her blog. The dogs and the cat look cute in this post. Great pictures! Bye.

    • Libby says:

      Hi PetKid, and thank you! Dave and I have enjoyed your postings, and we look forward to reading more. I was surprised when I got home from work this evening and saw that Chief the DIY cat was snuggled up with one of the dogs…all this time, I thought they disliked each other, and now, I find out that they are actually best pals! Please post some more pictures of your own animals. We so enjoy reading about the chickens and Reggie.

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