Cake for lunch

February 27, 2013 § Leave a comment

Dave’s office is out in the middle of nowhere, which means no restaurants near by.  Every day he brings his lunch which I usually pack for him.  On the days when I am out of town, he accomplishes this little task on his own, which means lots of drama, and a lunch bag filled with unhealthy options.

When I pack Dave’s lunch, it’s healthy and almost always low carb.  This usually means soup, turkey and cheese roll-ups, sliced apples, slices of cheese, peanuts, celery and carrot sticks.  For breakfast, which I also pack for him, he always requests Lisa’s bacon and egg pies, which we prepare in all sorts of different ways.

I learned that he returns, uneaten, such healthy options as jello, yogurt, pickles, unpeeled oranges, bananas, and unsliced apples (for some reason he can’t bring himself to bite into a whole apple).  It always disappoints me when he comes home with a full lunch bag.

Libby:  I see you didn’t eat lunch today.

Dave:  I ate lunch; it just wasn’t the lunch you packed.

Libby:   Really?  What did you eat then?

Dave:  Birthday cake.


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