Week in review: 03/01/2013

March 2, 2013 § 1 Comment

Ack…where has the time gone?  How is it possible that it is already MARCH?  Anyway, it’s not as if we have been busy or anything.

I worked on a proposal for the office.  I suspect I am going to get very good at writing proposals, since one of our customers has started to send us a new request for proposal every week.   This week I spent a lot of hours working from home, hunkered down in front of the computer.   Meanwhile, Dave defrosted frozen meals from the refrigerator, and we also ate out one night (a big deal for us, since I pretty much hate eating out except for breakfast).  Sometimes, while I was working on my proposal, Dave comes in to do some work at his computer.  When we’re both in the office, the dogs come in as well, and they always have some sort of advice to give us.


It has been in the 30’s (fahrenheit) at night this week, which means that Addie is cold.  I’ve been wrapping her in a blanket or a t-shirt, which she gratefully accepts.


The other dogs don’t mind the cold.  Addie has also been caught sleeping on the guest bed.  I came home early one day, and discovered this.


That’s her blanket, by the way.  She somehow managed to get that onto the bed with her.  Someday, she may even figure out how to wrap it around herself.  Meanwhile, Otis and Doodle have been enjoying their fenced yard, and they wrestle out there every day.  At first we worried that Otis, being twice Doodle’s size, would overwhelm and hurt Doodle.  This hasn’t happened once.  Otis is very careful, and although there is lots of growling and leaping about, no one gets hurt.


They have so much fun out there and Dave and I are very glad that we decided to put in the fence.



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  • df says:

    That just cracks me up about Addie! She’s obviously got a good gig with you and her blanket. Reggie, on the other hand, seems very suited to our climate thankfully. He’ll spend hours out on our screened in porch in extremely cold temperatures and seems to love it. It’s so fun to see your dogs enjoying each other’s company!

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