Giant gaping hole in our kitchen

April 2, 2013 § 9 Comments

You’re probably wondering what the heck happened to us…

Lots of stuff has happened.  A new school term started, and I am signed up to teach THREE college classes.  What was I thinking?  The college actually asked me to teach five classes, but logic prevailed, and I ended up with just three.  This is on top of my regular day job, which is thankfully very  flexible.

Also, last week was spring break, which was actually kind of nice.  Dave and I had our wedding anniversary last week also.  We didn’t do much (which was exactly how we planned it).  But meanwhile, Dave spontaneously decided that our farmhouse refrigerator is too small (I agree with him on this), and so he woke up early on Sunday (Easter morning) and moved our refrigerator into the kitchen and then started removing walls.

Dave refrigerator

Several hours later (me sleeping late because I work until midnight these days), I woke up, and discovered a tremendous hole which was the former home of our refrigerator.  For the rest of the day, I alternated between working on a proposal for work, and helping Dave with his refrigerator project.  I helped Dave to rip out the old drywall, and then expand the refrigerator opening in our kitchen to accommodate a much larger refrigerator.  Dave also built an EXTREMELY FANCY (i.e. NASA-engineered-design) platform for the new refrigerator, which (since we are both taller than average) will make refrigerator access a little easier.

During this exciting project, Dave also managed to completely dump the contents of our current refrigerator onto the floor of the kitchen.  He said he was trying to move a refrigerator by himself because he wanted me to be able to work on other stuff, but in the end, the refrigerator tipped and there was a mess of condiments and leftovers that we both had to scrape and clean off the floor.

I’m sort of a pro at this, after being married to Dave for 11+ years now.  He’s very handy, but also spontaneous.  This means lots of midnight projects, and plenty of unplanned expeditions to hardware stores.  Guaranteed, if it’s a holiday, Dave is at the hardware store, trying to buy screws or some  other necessary item, and he can’t figure out why the place isn’t open.


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§ 9 Responses to Giant gaping hole in our kitchen

  • viveka says:

    Always some carry on … over in your house, just love to read about your adventures. Are you teaching in schools ???? Don’t kill yourself … in the action *smile First I thought you had sign up for classes.
    I’m sure that Dave will … fix the hole and the floor .. *smile – Nothing is more awarding than a peaceful weekend. *smile

  • OL says:

    It will be great to get the larger fridge into the farm house! Let us know if you need help moving the fridges around! We will be more than happy to help 🙂

  • df says:

    The fridge project does sound a little exciting, perhaps more exciting than you would have liked, but how great it will be to have the fridge you need right in the house, especially when you love to cook so much! Good luck with the courses and extra workload!

  • petkid says:

    Next time Dave want to do a job make sure he doesn’t do it in the morning or destroy a wall without your say. You should be careful with him, he might take down the hoel house! 🙂

    • Libby says:

      Good point! Fortunately for us, Dave is pretty good with building things. The refrigerator hole is now back to normal, and all we need to do now is move our new refrigerator into the spot.

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