Homegrown blackberries

May 24, 2013 § 3 Comments

We have blackberry bushes in the back pasture.  Dave says that when he was a kid, his family harvested enough blackberries every summer to make blackberry jam and more than a few pies.  This year, I’ve been eagerly waiting for blackberry picking season.  I was excited when Dave came in from mowing the pasture, and announced that the berries were ready for picking.  I selected a large bowl from the kitchen, worrying that it might not be big enough for the large harvest that I expected.

Half an hour later, I’d picked the bushes clean, and this is what I collected:

GPP 05_24_2013

Yep, it’s barely a handful of berries.  It not enough for a milkshake, let alone an entire pie.  Evidently last year’s drought, partnered with Dave’s overenthusiastic mowing of the pasture has killed off most of our blackberry bushes.  Maybe next year.  Meanwhile, I’m off to the market to buy some store-bought blackberries to make a pie.


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§ 3 Responses to Homegrown blackberries

  • viveka says:

    My favorite berries … but they are not ready over here until early September … every little oz counts for. So envy now.

    • Libby says:

      They are Dave’s favorite berries, too! I just bought him some from the store, so now we can make him a special cake (recipe for that to come soon!). Your berries aren’t ripe until September?

  • Harvey & Liz Gaskin says:

    Hi Libby

    Stop mowing so the blackberries grow!!!

    Thought you might like to see the spread of snacks Harvey & I put together for my Police Academy 40th Reunion which was held yesterday.

    Hope you are well. And would love to catch up for a chat –perhaps on Skye when you have a free moment and our universes line up –ha ha.

    Love to you from Liz

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