We moved…to Oregon!

July 24, 2013 § Leave a comment

Hello, and sorry for having been away for such a long time.  The reason for our silence is that we moved…to Oregon.  If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you’ve probably figured this out already.  Libby’s taken an assignment in Eugene, and Dave’s gone along for the ride.  Our trip was half a continent, and it was quite a ride.


When you’re traveling with really big dogs, you can’t stay in a regular hotel.  Hotels, motels, and even the cheesiest establishments refuse to let you stay there (even the places that are supposedly “dog-friendly” set a weight limit on your pet’s size, and don’t even TRY to sneak in three HUGE dogs, and act like they weigh less than 35-pounds each).  So, we decided to get to Oregon via camping.  For our three huge dogs, this seemed like the most practical way to get from Point A (Houston, Texas) to Point B (Eugene, Oregon).

About a month prior to our trip, Libby mapped our route, and made reservations at the KOA campgrounds along the way.  KOA is Kampgrounds of America, and they are fabulous, by the way.  We figured it would be a 4-day expedition to travel from Texas to Oregon.  About 8 days prior to our Estimated Time of Arrival, Dave was able to get an additional day off from his employer.  So, we decided to leave one day earlier…this entailed a few hours on the internet for Libby to reschedule the KOA reservations for the trip, moving everything one day back to allow us to leave a day earlier than planned.

Our new, albeit slightly revised, itinerary had us leaving Texas at the end of June.  Dave had his Mercedes SUV filled with two dogs (Addie and Doodle), and he was pulling a trailer packed with possessions that we figured to be necessary.  Meanwhile, in a separate vehicle, Libby packed one dog (Otis) and a cat (Alexander…Chief-the-DIY-cat  didn’t come because he’d passed away several weeks prior).

With the exception of navigating a 3-hour traffic jam leaving Houston, our first day passed without incident.

GPP 7_25_2013

In Huntsville, Texas, we passed this HUGE statue of Sam Houston.  Texans love Sam Houston, and this statue is a beautiful rendition of him.  You can’t miss Sam, unless you’re driving with your eyes closed or something.

GPP 7_25_2013 b

The animals were mostly well-behaved, especially Otis.  Usually afraid of riding in the car, he seemed to enjoy the experience.  Otis spent the first day on the road eating dog biscuits and looking out the window, while Alexander pooped about a billion times in his crate (okay – NOT a billion.  Alexander pooped twice, and it was so stinky, it FELT like a billion).

GPP 7_25_2013d

Meanwhile, in Dave’s car, Addie and Doodle wrestled and took turns trying to back-seat drive.  The first day seemed slightly traumatic, but upon reflection it was actually very calm (note to self:  it is usually a bad idea to travel cross-continent with wrestling dogs and a pooping cat).

GPP 7_25_2013c


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