On the road again…just can’t wait to get on the road again

June 5, 2014 § 8 Comments

Hey folks…for the last year, we’ve been living in two different places.  I (Libby) has been in Eugene, Oregon, and Dave has been in Texas.  It has been tough.  We tried to make it work, but we missed each other (yup…we’ve been married a bunch of years, and we still love each other hugely).  Dave tried to find work in Oregon, but discovered that no one is hiring space station simulator engineers….imagine that.  Meanwhile, I wrestled with a very cool job, but missed my husband, and I missed human spaceflight.  There’s nothing like launching people into space for giving one a sense of perspective.  While I loved Eugene, I kept wondering about that huge bigger-than-myself-goal.  It just wasn’t there. That’s not to say that Eugene isn’t the BEST PLACE EVER, because I love it here.  Truly.   I probably shouldn’t even say that, because now everyone will move to Eugene, and it will turn into Chicago or something, which would be terrible (Chicago is cool, so calm down, all my friends from Evanston…it’s just not Eugene).

So, bottom line:  I’m moving back to Texas.  I asked Dave to come and get me, and he (such a sweetie-pie), is driving out to Eugene to help me with the transition.  He and I will load up a truck and a car with stuff and dogs, and then begin the week-long journey back to Texas.  I’ll never be through with this place.  Eugene is lovely, and I’ll be returning.  Actually, I’ll be back in July, and later in the fall…probably next spring, too.


Where’s my leather skirt?

October 8, 2013 § 6 Comments

There’s a lady in my building who wears the cutest clothes.  Today, she came to the office in a black leather skirt, which reminded me that I TOO HAVE A LEATHER SKIRT, which has mysteriously disappeared.  I’m pretty sure my skirt is somewhere in the farmhouse in Texas, with Dave.

Libby:  You need to mail me my leather skirt.

Dave:    I just mailed you a big box of stuff.  What else could you possibly need?

Libby:  My leather skirt.

Dave:  It’s 90-degrees…not leather skirt weather.

Libby:  In Oregon, it’s 38-degrees.  It’s WINTER.  I need my leather skirt, and a couple of turtlenecks, you know, that nice cashmere one; oh, and the brown cotton one…


Libby:  Maybe I’ll just buy some stuff here.  I’m not even sure what I have…maybe I should just go shopping.

Dave:  [Sigh]

And that’s how it happened that Dave agreed to arrange all of my clothes on the bed and take pictures of everything and text them to me.

Day 1: Houston, Texas to Burkburnett, Texas

July 25, 2013 § Leave a comment

Our first day on the road was fairly uneventful.  Except for Doodle’s backseat driving in Dave’s car, and Alexander pooping in his crate in my car, the first day out was unexciting.  For our first night, we stayed at the KOA campground in Burkurnett Texas.  Burkburnett is near Wichita Falls, which was the site of an enormous supercell tornado back in the 70’s.  I remember hearing about this tornado when I was a kid.  The Wichita Falls tornado flattened entire neighborhoods, reducing homes to rubble and a few sticks.

It was late as we pulled in to Burkburnett, Texas.  For our first night away from home, we were planning to sleep in a tent.  Purchased several weeks prior to the trip, we’d tested it in our backyard just before leaving Texas, and I was excited and looking forward to my first camping trip ever.  Dave, who camped a lot as a kid, thought I was crazy (turns out he was right, but I’ll still camp again, because that’s how I roll).

Meanwhile, at 11pm in Burkburnett, Texas, Dave set up our tent, and I walked the animals and made sure they had plenty to eat and drink.  Dave put some air into our inflatable mattresses, and then he and I had dinner (sandwiches, which was really about all we had the energy for).  After that, everyone hit the sack, whereupon the dogs decided that the inflatable mattresses were actually THEIR mattresses.  There was a little power struggle, which Dave and I won (score one for humans, yay).  However, at some point in the middle of the night, the dogs launched a surreptitious attack on the mattresses, and in the morning, Dave was surprised to find that he was sharing his bed with Doodle (score one for the dogs).

Day 1_Dave DoodleI can’t say that I did much better, since Addie and Otis surged onto my mattress, completely enveloping me (score another one for the dogs).

Day 1_Addie Otis

We woke up to ducks quacking (ducks?), and this view out the top of our tent.

Day 1_Tent in the morning

The dogs had a marvelous night, sleeping on air mattresses on top of a couple of oblivious humans.  Even the cat had a good night.  The cat had a special sleeping crate, which held a bed, litterbox, and a small living room (for relaxing, because cats evidently aren’t lazy enough).


Day 1_Otis and Alexander

In the morning, the KOA campground managers asked us a lot of questions about the dogs; evidently camping with Irish Wolfhounds is very uncommon, and only crazy people do it.  Probably they got the idea that we were crazy right about the time when Otis, Addie, and Doodle were demonstrating their special dog-trapeze maneuver (Doodle stands under Addie, who stands under Otis).  It looks very strange, and they did it right in front of the KOA managers’ office.

We loved the Burkburnett Texas KOA.

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