Week in review: 9/14/2012

September 14, 2012 § 7 Comments

I picked up a baby changing table at the thrift store.  It was $30.  Dave’s probably going to have a cow because I brought another piece of unwanted junk into the house.  My plans are to remove the lip from the top, and then make a stainless steel top.  I’ll refurbish the entire piece, sanding it down, and either staining or painting it.  Maybe it will get some little wheels for the bottom, which will allow us to easily wheel it outside to use as a sort of drinks trolley.  I’ll let you know how it turns out…I’m not planning to work on it for awhile.  It will be one of my projects for this winter.

Dave was so exhausted one evening that he came home from work, and went right to bed.  Since it was just me, I abandoned our regular dinner menu, and just made a quesadilla with two corn tortillas and some cheese with green onions and a little fried bacon.

Our intern at the office gave me a little box of cookies.  I’d show you the cookies, but alas…someone ate them.  I wonder who that could have been?

My friend Cheryl and I have birthdays that are very close together.  I knew she’d been wanting a little mirror for awhile, so I was pleased when I saw a box of several brass mirrors at a local shop.  I gave us each one for our birthdays.  I think hers is still brass, but this week I used a little Rub and Buff on mine, and made it antiqued silver.  After it gets another coat, I’ll hang it in the hall.


Make your own coffee table out of garbage!

May 9, 2012 § 7 Comments

Dave:  Help me drag this pallet to the trash.

Libby:  I’m saving that.  It’s good wood.

Dave:  It’s a shipping pallet.  It’s garbage, and we are NOT saving it.

Libby:  Just leave it there.  I’m going to make a coffee table out of it.

Dave:  A what?!

Libby:  A COFFEE TABLE, like the kind the Petersiks made on Young House Love.

Dave:  We are not having a table made out of garbage in our house, and we are not the PETERSIKS.

Libby:  Not in the house.  On the patio.  Just think of how rugged it will look with our outside chairs.

Dave:  This is some crazy-ass blogging idea, isn’t it?  You’ll make some splintery table, then write a story about it in the blog.  And before you know it, EVERYONE will be making crappy coffee tables out of garbage.

Libby:  I only need one more pallet to make the coffee table I’m envisioning.  Can you get a pallet from work?

Dave:  How about if you just ENVISION this in the trash pile?  How about that, because that’s where it’s going.

Garage sale find; part 2

June 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

Remember when I mentioned my recent garage sale find?  It was a sturdy little bar cabinet that I picked up on the way back from a day downtown.  It is solid wood, and manufactured in the 1980’s.  After disposing of the 13 Crown Royal bags hidden inside (the Crown Royal bags are soft flannel, and would be perfect for cleaning silver), I cleaned it well.  Then, I sanded it, washed it down again, then sanded it again.  I gave it a few coats of Glidden “Red Delicious” Brilliance, paint and primer in one.  The “Red Delicious” was scary, since it went on hot pink.  Dave walked by when I was putting on the first coat of paint, and he didn’t ease my concern about the hot pinkness of it when he said “now, that’s an interesting color.”  But after it dried, it looked decent.

After it was thoroughly dry, I glazed it with Glidden “Bittersweet Chocolate,” then waited for that to dry and brushed on a coat of polyurethane.  Normally I don’t use polyurethane, but eventually I have plans to put this on our covered patio outside, and I wanted it to be extra protected.  While the polyurethane dried, I took the old door pulls and sanded them up a little, then spraypainted them black, and reattached them to the cabinet after they dried.

After a few days to outgas (polyurethane is so stinky), I finally hauled it back inside, and it is sitting in our bedroom.  For now, it’s been put to use as a television cabinet.  The red is only so-so with our bedroom, but remember that we eventually will move this cabinet to a covered patio, so we’ll only have it indoors for a short while, and then it will be heading outside.

By the way, yes, that is the actual color of our walls.  They are a soft yellow, and go with absolutely nothing.  Painting the bedroom is on our to-do list, but it’s way down at the bottom of the list, since we have so many other things to take care of first.  I am thinking of someday painting the walls a very soft green, which would highlight the beautiful view out our windows.

Here’s a shot of the top of the cabinet:

The little wooden box was picked up by Dave’s mom on her travels.  The little plant is fake, and it’s from Michael’s (I think I paid $2 for it).  The lamp is from Target a long time ago, the tray is from Ikea, and the Buddha head is an ancient purchase from Marshall’s.

Garage sale find

June 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

Are you a good bargainer?  I can be, but I’m not always.  Recently, on my way home from a long day of meetings downtown, I passed a garage sale.  Garage sales aren’t usually in the evenings, but these folks were smart.  They had everything set up, and were out there at 6pm, drinking cocktails and waiting for suckers like me to come home from their offices.

Yes, I stopped.

I’ve been wanting to learn how to refinish a piece of furniture, and was intriqued by a cherrywood coffee table (a “genuu-wine” antique, the owner told me), and a bar cabinet.  Both looked like terrific first-time furniture refinishing projects.

I bought the bar cabinet.

And even though I have lived in foreign countries where bargaining is required, I didn’t even bargain this time.  I was feeling very lazy.  I told the owner I thought about bargaining, but wasn’t in the mood.

Frankly, the price actually seemed pretty decent to me.  I paid $35 for a piece of solid wood furniture from the 1980’s.

(Look at the old Crown Royal bags inside.)

I’m thinking I can put the cabinet in the dining room (although it is a bit small), a bedroom (good sized, but why would someone need a bar in a bedroom?), or outside on the covered porch area.  I’m leaning toward sanding it down and painting it red, and using it outside.  Maybe I could store chair cushions and other outside gear in here.  Or use it as a potting table.   What do you think?

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