Day 2: Burkburnett, Texas to Colorado Springs, Colorado

July 25, 2013 § Leave a comment

There’s not a lot of exciting stuff between Texas and Colorado.  Most of Day 2 consisted of riveting scenery like this:

Day 2 highway excitement

Now, here’s something exciting:

Day 2 exciting scenery

Oh, look.  A road sign.  Interesting:

Day 2 really exciting sign

This is also very interesting (not):

Day 2_windmills

Look, a tree…two trees, actually:

Day 2 exciting scenery 1

Highway excitement.  Oh. My. Gosh.  It is just so overwhelming:

Day 2 exciting scenery 2

Meanwhile, Otis and Alexander could hardly contain their excitement:

Day 2 Otie

Dave and I kept each other awake by calling each other on our cellphones (hands-free bluetooth).

Libby:  Did you see THAT?!

Dave:  What?  That gravel pile?  The highway shoulder?  What?

Libby:  That windmill!  Wasn’t it EXCITING?

Dave:  No.

So, that was day 2. We saw a couple of windmills and two trees.  That is all.


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