Libby’s cousin, and a trick for red beans and rice

February 27, 2012 § 3 Comments

Libby’s cousin whisked through town this weekend.  He’s one of our most favorite people, and we always look forward to seeing him.  We weren’t sure what time he’d be arriving, so out came the ol’ crockpot and Libby’s Red Beans and Rice recipe.  We like Red Beans and Rice because it’s easy to prepare, and it’s something that you can start in the morning, and then pay absolutely no attention to during the day, and it will turn out fabulous.  After making it so many times, it wasn’t until this time that we discovered that its texture and taste is so much better, if you just take the time to mash the beans 1-2 hours before serving.  Who knew?  At any rate, it turned out to be the best red beans and rice we have ever eaten (and we just updated our recipe accordingly).  But of course, this may have ever-so-slightly had something to do with the Prosecco we sipped on the patio prior to eating.  For those unfamiliar with Prosecco, it’s a pseudo-champagne.  It’s bubbly, unpretentious, delightful, and perfect with Cajun food.

Before dinner, we had snacks on the patio.  It was chilly (48 degrees), but with all of the twinkle lights, it seemed much warmer (and just look at that view of the beautiful duckpond).

Of course, we were wearing heavy sweaters and down vests.  Plus, the Prosecco made us feel warm, too. This is a very grainy picture, but not bad for an iPhone.  Yes, I should have taken a picture with the regular camera, but by the time I made it back inside, found the camera, and then hauled it outside, the light was gone…so this is the best I could get.

You know?  This is the life…it really is.  It doesn’t get much better than this.  Beautiful view, delicious food, decent wine, and good friends.  Who could ask for more?


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§ 3 Responses to Libby’s cousin, and a trick for red beans and rice

  • pusspudding says:

    Really like your recipe … never cooked anything for 10 hours and never cooked red beans. So I will give it a try – have a big enough balcony that I can use and the view isn’t so bad, even if I don’t have a pond. To be honest I wish I had been there *smile – a great pot dinner, wine and good friends = the best recipe for wellbeing.

  • df says:

    I like how atmospheric the photo is and the recipe looks delish!

    • Libby says:

      Yes, the recipe is quite good…we make it all the time. Really. I think I’m finally turning into a Cajun, after living in Texas for 20 years. Your supertaster son might not like it though, since it is a little zippy.

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